We’re proud to announce that the second Flying Leaf-designed website is now live.

The new Playcast Media website as part of a branding revitalisation that also included printed promotional material. Both the website and the printed material include illustration and copywriting by Flying Leaf.

We’re really excited to be working with Playcast Media, which is a service that sends console-quality games direct to TV set-top boxes. With Playcast plugged into their service, cable and IPTV operators can offer games on demand just like movies on demand.

Playcast homepage

Playcast website designed by Flying Leaf

The new site was built on the Squarespace platform, which provides hosting and a decent CMS, plus a decent amount of creative flexibility.

The Playcast homepage features an incredibly lightweight javascript carousel by Catch My Fame which doesn’t require the browser to load any additional javascript libraries. And unlike Flash, it plays nicely with iPhone and Blackberry.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering – here’s how the website used to look:

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